I first met with Meghann Phillips right after we exhibited at the San Diego Bridal Bazaar in January and when she filled out our online contact form I was a bit confused when she listed her wedding date as August 17th, 2011. Looking at my calendar I could clearly see that it was a Wednesday and I even replied to her to make sure she didn’t put down the wrong date. Sure enough, she confirmed that it was the correct date and explained to me the reasoning behind choosing that date. She and her fiancé Jeremiah Cole were both soccer players and their numbers were 8 and 17 respectively, so it made total sense for them to get married on that date. The wedding was held at The Catamaran Resort & Spa with the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour on the lawn and the Reception in the Aviary Ballroom. The Ceremony was performed by Pastor Kevin Campbell and I had the pleasure to work with Taylor Abeel of Taylor Abeel Photography and Cleon Allan of Allan Video Productions. The Reception upstairs was kicked off with Jeremiah & Meghann dancing to Van Morrison’s “These Are The Days” and a blessing by Kevin Campbell. Dinner was then served followed by toasts and Meghann and her father dancing to “Sweet Georgia Brown.” Later, Jeremiah and Meghann cut their cake and Jeremiah removed the garter and GAVE it to one of the guests. The new couple then thanked their guests for coming and presented a special cake to Meghann’s parents in honor of their 43rd wedding anniversary. They then danced to their wedding song “Cherish” by The Association. The night ended with a variety of music, mostly chosen by Meghann and Jeremiah and of course the “Cha Cha Girls” meeting at the bar for their celebratory shot. I had an absolute blast being a part of this wonderful celebration and seeing this special day come to fruition. Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Cole and please enjoy the special tribute video I created as my gift to the bride and groom as well as photos I took. 🙂

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