When I first got the call from my friend Jerry Beck of Beck’s Entertainment, I was bit confused. A double wedding? I was under the impression that it was two weddings, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. He quickly cleared up the confusion by letting me know that there would be two brides: sisters Kenzi & Jadyn Wilkes and their fiances Bill Judge and Ryan Evans. If that wasn’t exciting enough, he sealed the deal by letting me know I’d be working with the wonderful Wynn Austin of Wynn Austin Events. This special wedding was held at the NTC Promenade at Liberty Station which I had played at a few years ago for a High School Prom and once I arrived I saw how incredibly different this place was when set up for a wedding. The sisters had chosen royal purple, bubble gum pink and lime green as their colors and the combination was amazing. I even wore a purple dress shirt to match the decor as closely as possible. After Cocktail Hour concluded, the guests were invited inside and Grand Introductions began starting with Bill & Kenzi and their Bridal Party. Then Ryan & Jadyn came in after their Bridal Party with Best Man Craig Sanetrick even doing a pretty smooth slide on his stomach across the dance floor. Intros were followed by a welcome from the Father of the Brides Mr. Chuck Wilkes and then dinner was served. Toasts followed dinner with both Bill and Ryan’s Best Men taking the mic and then each sister toasted the other sister. It was quite a unique thing to see, but it totally fit the personalities of both Kenzi and Jadyn. Both couples then danced to “Better Together” by Jack Johnson and then dancing began. Both request lists were very eclectic and featured a variety of old school, 80’s, 90’s and Current Hits and I even slipped in a few selections to keep the dance floor packed the whole night. With the exception of Cupcake Cutting a little later, it was all party time all the way down to the final song. I had such a blast spending this special evening with these four special people and their guests and I hope they all enjoy the special video tribute I created below and the candid photographs I snapped during their Wedding. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Judge and Doctors Ryan & Jadyn Evans! 🙂

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