I hopped in the Delorean and took a trip back to the 1980’s for Julie’s Awesome 80’s Party! The celebration was held at a private residence in La Costa and this was Julie’s belated Sweet 16 Birthday Party. The backyard was decked out with classic movie posters, a video game station and other classic 80’s nostalgia. Julie and her friends danced the night away to some of the best of Hair Bands, Synth Pop, Glam Rock and 80’s Pop Royalty. My good friend Cynthia Zatkins passed my info on to Julie and was actually in attendance at this rockin party. I had so much fun hanging out and reminiscing on the decade of decadence with Julie and her friends. Julie feel free to give me a call when you decide to have your belated 21st birthday party…90’s maybe? 😉

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