Our customized online planning and request system is key to ensuring that you are in control of the music at your event. Prior to your event we provide you with your own log-in and password so that you can log-in and begin making requests and detailing the time line of your event. Our easy green, yellow and red buttons put your song requests into three different lists:

MUST PLAY (Green Button): Add songs to this list that are absolutely necessary for you to hear at your event no matter what.

PLAY IF POSSIBLE (Yellow Button): Adds songs to this list that you would like to hear if time permits, but would not be crushed if you didn’t.

DO NOT PLAY (Red Button): Adds songs to this list that you absolutely, positively, under no circumstances want to hear played.

We also have a custom feature that allows you to write in your own song if you can not find it in our extensive music database. Next to each song is a speaker icon which lets you preview the song in iTunes before you add it to your list. We can also provide you with a separate link to provide your guests with so that they can log-in and make requests as well. Once your request list is done, it is automatically e-mailed to the DJ presiding over your event. The online planning and request list feature comes standard with all of our event packages.

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